Carbon Net Zero Overview

We all know the daily operations of our businesses can come at an environmental price. Whether it’s the consumption of raw materials, our energy use or the emissions in our supply chains, it’s our duty to recognise and reduce our environmental impact.

Then there’s our unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions. Some UK businesses are now required to report these emissions by law, but the Government believes all companies should have the opportunity to compensate for their emissions in the best possible way: by finding Nature Based Solutions.

The two most prominent solutions are currently Woodland Creation and Peatland Restoration.Not only do they both help combat global warming by reducing and sequestering carbon dioxide emissions, they also have the potential to generate significant additional income for UK landowners, as carbon is a tradeable asset.

Your investment in these solutions will have positive impacts for generations to come, and your business will benefit too: showing your customers, clients and suppliers exactly what you mean when your business talks about reducing its environmental impact.

Our team in Bell Ingram can offer a comprehensive range of services and have the expertise to ensure the carbon opportunity in your new investment is developed and the potential maximised.