Disposal of Redundant Assets for Scottish Water

Disposal of Redundant Assets

Surveying services for Scottish Water


Bell Ingram were instructed in 2006 by Scottish Water to provide surveying services for the disposal of redundant assets and sites throughout Scotland and the Outer Isles. At the time Scottish Water held several thousand sites on their redundant asset register and over the years additional sites have been added on a regular basis.


Bell Ingram’s remit was to undertake site inspections of each asset and prepare detailed site reports including highlighting H&S risks. We work with Scottish Water’s solicitors in undertaking Title searches for each site and where Scottish Water hold valid Title, assist Scottish Water in preparing sites for disposal, usually by auction or on the open market. Where Scottish Water do not hold Title to a site, Bell Ingram will negotiate with the adjoining landowners to obtain a legal discharge of Scottish Water’s obligations and liabilities.


Bell Ingram manage a redundant asset database, which by 2019 had reduced to under a thousand assets, with many assets and sites having been removed from the redundant asset register as a result of sales through auction and the transfer of the assets to landowners. Some sites have been identified as having development potential and our planning consultants assist Scottish Water in obtaining planning consent and those sites are being put to the open market through our Estate Agency team.

Article posted on 01/01/2019