The telecommunications industry is still readjusting to the introduction of the new Electronic Communications Code in December 2017, which has greatly changed the balance of power between the operators and landowners in telecommunications negotiations. It has therefore never been more important to ensure that you have the best possible advice available when dealing with telecommunications matters.

Bell Ingram have been undertaking work in relation to telecommunications equipment since the 1990s and retain a team of industry experts to help with any enquiry from either telecoms industry clients or from private clients affected by telecommunications scheme proposals on their property.

We have experience of acting on behalf of Operators on projects for both the fibre optic cable network and in terms of mast site acquisitions. We will prepare wayleaves and consents, with route plans attached, for overhead or underground telecom cables for Operators. We also provide advice to landowners affected by similar schemes, ensuring they are made fully aware of their legal position regarding any proposals, including assisting clients with lease terms for mast sites. Bell Ingram have also successfully represented a number of telecom industry clients as Expert Witness and as specialist telecoms valuers.