Forestry Investment

There has never been a better time to invest in forestry

Bell Ingram’s Chartered Foresters provide investment advice for all types of woodland owner; including corporate clients, rural estate owners, sporting enterprises and farmers.

Our cost-effective planning and management of woodland operations combined with our knowledge of current timber markets, efficient administration of grants and the benefit of sound investment advice gives you the best possible return from your commercial woodland.

We base our management of timber crops on the firm belief that quality timber is important to both the buyers and the individual owners. We also understand owners’ wishes to see the development of their woodlands not only as financial assets but also as sporting, amenity and multiple-use properties capable of providing enjoyment for the whole family. Understanding the objectives and “stepping into the owner’s shoes” is critical to all stages of the management process.

Over the past few years Bell Ingram has successfully secured grant aid for a number of Locational Premium Schemes, demonstrating our ability to maximise benefits from the additional incentives on offer and to find imaginative alternative land-uses for marginal agricultural land.