Battery Storage

In recent years Battery Storage technology has come to the market and developers are looking to lease sites, within close proximity to the electricity grid, to store power, to be released back into the grid when there is a demand and the electricity prices are higher.

Battery storage sites are generally leased, in a similar way to Renewable Developments, and Bell Ingram can assist both developers and private clients in negotiating terms of proposed battery storage sites.

For developers we can provide a search and referencing service, where the clients identify potential locations for battery storage schemes and Bell Ingram will establish who owns the land and make the first approach to landowners to gauge their reaction to such a proposed development on their land.

For private clients or developers, Bell Ingram will negotiate and agree Heads of Terms for Options and Leases and then assist our clients’ solicitors in securing signed Options.

Many windfarm developers are now seeking sites for battery storage on both existing and proposed windfarm schemes and have been agreeing battery storage rents for both private clients and developers.