For over 25 years Bell Ingram have been assisting both windfarm developers and private clients (including government bodies), in negotiating terms for proposed windfarm sites throughout Scotland and the north of England. We have up-to-date knowledge of terms being offered by windfarm developers for Option and Lease terms.

For developers we can provide a search and referencing service, where the clients identify potential windfarm locations and Bell Ingram will establish who owns the land and make the first approach to landowners to gauge their reaction to a proposed windfarm on their land.

We will then help developers to secure Exclusivity Agreements, before negotiating Heads of Terms with landowners for leasing land and access rights for a windfarm development. This would lead to the developers’ legal team preparing draft Option and Leases and Bell Ingram’s surveyors would assist the legal team in securing Options for the rights required for the proposed windfarm.

For private clients, Bell Ingram will advise and negotiate all the Heads of Terms and assist our clients’ legal advisors in agreeing the Option and Lease Terms. There terms are likely to include option fees, construction payments, rental terms, plus substation and working area rents, mineral payments and grid connections.

Bell Ingram are also experienced in agreeing terms for separate access rights and grid connections to windfarms, where clients are not hosting the actual windfarm development. These include ‘over sail’ agreements for the temporary use of land adjacent to public roads for construction traffic.