Turning Deer Forest into Profitable Commercial Unit

Turning Deer Forest into a Profitable Commercial Unit

Road building project and negotiating access over the third party land.


Our client presented Bell Ingram Forestry with the challenge of turning a deer forest into a profitable commercial unit. The only access to the woodland was over third party ground which presented significant problems for timber extraction.


Our expert forest managers were able to negotiate access over the third party land to access timber. This was not the only access issue, with over 4km of roads having to be installed over the property, created with 3500 tonnes of stone drilled from the site. Furthermore two 5m span bridges were installed allowing the site to reach its commercial potential. Our professional staff were able to manage other issues as they arose on behalf of the client including management of diffuse pollution, resolution of a plant health notice and implementing necessary measures to address wildlife presence in the woodland.


A fantastic result was achieved for the client with a substantive increase in the value of the site and through the investment in infrastructure were able to sell over 60% of the standing timber.

Article posted on 29/11/2019