Woodhouse Mast Overhead Line Replacement in West Yorkshire

Electricity Woodhouse Overhead Line Mast Replacement

Designing new overhead line route for Northern Powergrid


Between the 1920s and 1940s, a number of 33kV and 66kV overhead lines were built using steel masts, often constructed from surplus wartime ships, commonly referred to as Woodhouse Masts. Due to legislation and design changes, these structures are now deemed to be at the end of their asset life and require replacement. 


Bell Ingram’s brief from Northern Powergrid was to design a feasible route for a replacement wood pole overhead line to replace the steel masts line between Ferrybridge C Powerstation and South Elmsall Substation in West Yorkshire, over approx. 30km. Development of the local area had been prolific over the decades, with further regeneration passed for new energy projects, making an online rebuild impossible. As far a possible, the routing needed to take account of landowner and stakeholder requirements. Bell Ingram were required to obtain consents from all land owners and statutory bodies.


Bell Ingram secured all landowner agreements and consents were also obtained from the statutory bodies. Works to cross over a waste incineration site, a gas extraction site and a gas power station were agreed, having ensured network connection for the incineration plant back into the network. Form Bs were granted without any objection or conditions and a Section 37 consent was granted. A new wood pole line was subsequently constructed and the old Woodhouse mast line was dismantled.

Article posted on 01/01/2019