Moving day checklist for buyers and sellers

Moving day checklist for buyers and sellers

Moving to a new home can be both exciting and stressful. To ensure a smooth transition, it’s essential to stay organised and plan ahead. Here’s Bell Ingram’s comprehensive moving day checklist tailored for buyers and sellers:

Before Moving Day:

Confirm Moving Date: Co-ordinate with your solicitor, estate agent, and removal company to finalise the moving date.

Notify Utilities: Inform gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, and TV licensing providers of your move and arrange for disconnection or transfer of services.

Change of Address: Notify banks, insurance companies, healthcare providers, DVLA, employer, and other relevant parties of your change of address.

Arrange Removal Services: Book a reputable removal company well in advance. Obtain quotes, confirm the details of the move, and discuss any specific requirements.

Pack Essentials: Start packing non-essential items early. Label boxes clearly and pack a separate box with essentials for immediate use upon arrival at your new home.

Redirect Mail: Arrange for mail redirection with the Royal Mail to ensure you receive any post sent to your old address.

Arrange Parking: If applicable, arrange for parking permits or suspensions to ensure adequate parking space for removal vehicles at both your current and new property.

Finalise Cleaning: Schedule professional cleaning services for your old property if required. Ensure your new property is clean and ready for your arrival.

On Moving Day:

Confirm Removal Details: Double-check arrangements with the removal company, including the arrival time and any specific instructions.

Pack Essentials Bag: Prepare a bag with essential items such as toiletries, medication, important documents, snacks, and a change of clothes for each family member.

Utilities Readings: Take final meter readings for gas, electricity, and water at your old property. Record the readings and contact the utility providers to close your accounts.

Check Property Condition: Conduct a final walkthrough of your old property to ensure everything is in order. Note any damage or issues and inform your solicitor.

Hand Over Keys: Hand over keys to your old property to your solicitor or estate agent as per arrangements.

Supervise Removal: Oversee the removal process, ensuring all items are loaded safely and securely onto the removal vehicle.

Lock Up: Secure all windows and doors at your old property before leaving. Leave spare keys and relevant documents for the new occupants as agreed.

After Moving Day:

Unpack Essentials: Upon arrival at your new home, unpack your essentials bag and set up basic amenities such as bedding, toiletries, and kitchen essentials.

Check Utilities: Verify that gas, electricity, water, and other utilities are connected and functioning correctly at your new property.

Inspect Property: Conduct an initial inspection of your new home to ensure everything is as expected. Note any issues or concerns and address them promptly.

Update Address: Update your address with relevant authorities, organisations, and service providers, including banks, insurers, healthcare providers, and the DVLA.

Settle In: Take time to settle into your new surroundings and familiarise yourself with the local area. Explore nearby amenities, schools, and transportation links as needed.

Dispose of Packing Materials: Dispose of packing materials responsibly or arrange for recycling or disposal services.

Thank Your Removal Company: If satisfied with their service, consider leaving a positive review or providing feedback to your removal company.

By following this comprehensive moving day checklist, you can ensure a smooth and stress-free transition to your new home. Happy moving!

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