Legislation Update – Landlords and private water supplies

Legislation Update – Landlords & Private Water Supplies

There are now new requirements for landlords with properties served by a private water supply.

The Water Intended for Human Consumption (Private Supplies) (Scotland) Regulations 2017 apply to all private water supplies to premises used for a commercial or public activity (including tenanted properties) or any supply serving more than 50 people.

The regulations require all supplies to have an annual water sample and a Risk Assessment carried out on the supply once every 5 years.

Landlords or their agents will need to arrange to have the water sampled and a Risk Assessment completed by the Local Authority.

The Scottish Government has made available a new information resource for users and owners of private water supplies.  This new information is available through mygov.scot, the Scottish Government’s online information platform https://www.mygov.scot/housing-local-services/water-supplies-sewerage/private-water-supplies/


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Legislation Update – Landlords and private water supplies

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    Article posted on 23/05/2018