New inquiry into sustainable timber and deforestation

New inquiry into sustainable timber and deforestation

A new parliamentary inquiry will examine the UK’s sustainable timber industry and the UK’s contribution to global deforestation.

The inquiry by the Environmental Audit Committee will investigate how the UK, which imports most of its timber, can best scale up a sustainable, resilient domestic timber sector and reduce its reliance on imports.

In addition, the inquiry will examine the degree to which UK supply chains contribute to deforestation overseas and the effectiveness of the government’s efforts to curb this. Consideration will also be given to how the UK works with international partners to tackle deforestation.

Geoff Brown, Bell Ingram’s Head of Forestry, said: “I’m sure that this new inquiry into the UK timber industry and global deforestation will be welcomed across the forestry sector as it’s vital that we ensure our timber industry is future proofed and can support ambitious net zero targets across the UK’s four administrations while at the same time giving us a better understanding of the worldwide impact of any imports.”

This inquiry welcomes submissions until Thursday 8 September 2022. Search the UK Government website for more details.

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Article posted on 01/09/2022