We don’t look at the clock … that’s the beauty of Ardnamurchan

We don’t look at the clock … that’s the beauty of Ardnamurchan

When Richard and Vicky Pollock decided to holiday on the West Coast of Scotland, they were looking for an escape. Having lived and worked in some of the UK’s busiest cities, a peaceful change of pace was in order. Little did they know that their trip north would take them on a journey to a new life.

“Six years ago we went on holiday to Scotland and discovered Ardnamurchan,” says Richard. “To get there, it’s a single track road which is 35 miles one way and far away from Route 500. People don’t stumble upon Ardnamurchan, they seek it out.

Richard and Vicky instantly fell in love with the place. “The beautiful surroundings, incredible wildlife, friendly community and the relaxing way of life really appealed to us.”

At the time, they were looking for a second home. Then, when the Ardnamurchan Natural History Visitor Centre came onto the market, it proved an easy decision for the couple to relocate. “After working in London, you reach a point where you want to leave the rat race, the pollution and find somewhere to escape to. People who come here can get away from the hustle and bustle, and that’s exactly what we did.”

Running the visitor centre and a coffee shop has never felt like a job to Richard and Vicky. “It really isn’t work at all talking to customers and making friends. We don’t look at the clock. We often don’t know the time or even the date. That’s the beauty of Ardnamurchan.”

The couple have built lasting friendships in the area too with many locals coming to visit for coffee and a catch-up every week. “It’s a real community hub. The people here are wonderful and so welcoming. It’s not always like that when you move to a new place, so it’s very special here in that way.”

Closing every year from the end of October until just before Easter means Richard and Vicky can take the time to visit friends and family during the off-season. In the past, they have travelled abroad, exploring the world during the winter months, but have always been ready to return home. “Where we are in the world, it would never beat Ardnamurchan. It’s an absolutely stunning place to be.”

Now looking to retire fully, Richard and Vicky are selling the visitor centre and home, but have no intention of leaving the area – they couldn’t imagine being anywhere else now.

They are hoping that another couple looking for an escape to a more peaceful and relaxed way of life will take the opportunity to take over the business. “We’re not just selling the business. We are selling a lifestyle – a way of life. People really need to come here and experience the place and the way of life to fully appreciate how beautiful it is.”

Ardnamurchan Natural History Visitor Centre is on the market at the guide price of £575,000. For more information or to arrange a viewing contact Andrew Fuller on 01631 566 122 or email andrew.fuller@bellingram.co.uk

Article posted on 29/10/2021